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Are you planning to embark on a project that you believe in and want it to be alive and kicking since its launch? Here you’ll receive free* consulting services on how to optimise the expenditures, develop the strategy, predicting possible hurdles on the way. Together through communication, we will also work out your goals and choose the most effective and efficient approach that will fit exclusively to your project.



If you already have or just going to set up your business and feel the need for technical driving force, be it a website, mobile application or a complete system, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Crossroad Labs, you’ll receive the full range of services for your project from its start till deployment and further maintenance. With us you can have more free time and concentrate on the core of your business as you can order the solution on a turnkey basis as well.



Are you looking for the reduction of hiring and managing employee costs as well as your HR department workload? If yes, this is the right option for you. The inhouse professional of our team becomes the remote member of your team. In return you get a qualified developer with great communication skills, timely reports, business enhancement, cost reduction and what is more important - new and fresh viewpoint that will definitely come in handy. It is also up to you whether to have a local team leader on our part, who will be in charge of all the things here.



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Learn about our history and the integral features that your project will benefit from:

  • Belief - 2007

    Crimea, Ukraine.

    At that time there were not that many small companies providing custom development services in Ukraine. The demand was growing, though. Our current CEO has quit his job. Having no business experience but with a strong belief in success, he launched his first software company without any investments, starting just from scratch.

  • Communication

    2007 (plus a month) - 2010

    Because it is the second most important thing for any successful endeavour. Yeah, this was time to learn to work with customers, with employees, to build the teams, and despite the fact that crisis had hit the industry in 2008, the company grew up to 20+ employees in a couple of years.

  • Experience: 2010 - 2014

    and still learning...

    It’s something mythical and abstract that everyone wants to have, but no one can touch or steal. Yeah, this was a tough time with lots of ups and downs, struggles and celebrations, interesting experiments and ventures. That was the time we grew up and matured.

  • Inspiration: 2014 - 2015

    and forever

    In spring 2014 Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation and this was the time we had to dissolve the company. Sounds sad but not that bad. We all went our own ways. No one knew what one was looking for, but what everybody did find was inspiration - strength for the next step.

  • Creation: 2015 - and looking forward

    Lviv, Ukraine.

    After trying many new experiences and getting inspired by various new adventures, here we are again. Reassembled in a new place, without burdening legacy, and with great new members of our team, whom we always are proud to present. To be continued...

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